Monday, December 2, 2013

Vic in Mexico, 2

UNAM - Mexico City, with Alan Jiminez (below)

Interactions! OMG. Day began with an athlete coming back within the first few minutes of action who was very interested in a meat-free diet and we talked about ultra marathoners and how they recover faster and have less inflammation; protein sources; etc. He patted me on the shoulder, smiled and thanked me with kindness. That was a good omen.

Then a philosophy professor (above) spoke to me for 10 minutes and asked for booklets to show her class. Also asked about how to get involved, got her email. Two other professors (below) came and asked for lit for their students. Another teacher spoke with me and had some questions.

Met a 7 year vegan (above)! He asked for 5 booklets to show friends. And heard at around 30 people say they were vegetarian or vegan which is more than two years ago.

I met Jacobo (above), who works at UNAM in some capacity (had an official shirt), and was SO happy to see Vegan Outreach on campus. He told me he has been a vegetarian for 21 years. We had a very nice talk and he took booklets to show others.

Two medical students -- Anna and Maria (above) -- came back to talk after class and said they were animal lovers, and never really considered how animals for food are treated. We discussed what to eat and that there is no difference between domestic/farm animals. They both want to go veg and were very sweet. Another student came back and gave back the booklet saying it was too much to see them suffer, and she thanked us for being out there and is no longer going to eat them.

Another woman (above) came back after class said she read the whole thing, it's so terrible, her family cooks meat but she will not buy or make meat anymore herself now, and asked for another booklet to show her friend. About five people walked up to me to ask for a booklet and then walked back. I saw many groups of students looking at booklets and talking about these issues.

At one point, I saw a young woman just absolutely statue-afied by the leaflet (above, with Alan leafleting in the background) She missed her crossing on the crosswalk for the next 4 light changes. She just stood there reading as the multitude walked around her. So awesome! I spoke with her later, and you could tell she was deeply deeply moved by the booklet. Also spoke with a librarian as I asked him for permiso to leave 25 folletos informativos para ayudar los animals, ambiente y salud. We spoke for a while very amicably -- he had many positive things to say, such as there is so much good natural food no one has to die for, that is better for all involved, etc. As we chatted, four students grabbed a booklet leaving the library. We left friends, shook hands several times and he thanked me for doing this work.


You have to see it to believe it, and I can't say it enough: outreach down here is the best I have ever been a part of in my 6+ years and over 500 schools!