Friday, December 6, 2013

Vic in Mexico, 3

At UNAM, Mexico City, where Vic and Alan Jiminez reached 6,800 students (biggest day of Mexico outreach in history):

Maria now wants to go veg.

Asked for more booklets to distribute.

Angelica, "over the moon" to meet other activists;
took more booklets to get active.

Salvador came back after reading booklet in class;
doesn't think he can ever eat meat again.

Kathy -- took booklets to distribute and
wants to volunteer.

Took more booklets to distribute to friends.

"We also met a number of vegetarians -- it is not like Arkansas in '08, meeting one vegetarian in 8 hrs of outreach. I always feel very encouraged meeting all the vegans and vegetarians and hearing "ser vegetariano" when people get the booklet. Also met another student who said, "I've been wanting to go veg" when he got the booklet. Another woman read the booklet cover to cover standing next to us."

Daniel at UNAM Oriente, now wants to go veg!