Thursday, January 9, 2014

From a New Donor

Funny you mention The Animal Activist's Handbook, because my New Year's resolution is to find ways to be much more active for the animals.  I leaflet, and I maintain my VibrantlyVegan page, but it's just not enough.  

My three teenagers, my husband, and my four rescue dogs are all vegan, so I used to think I was doing a lot. Then my daughter took a class last semester on genocide, and she told me that by being vegan, we are merely bystanders; we are merely causing no harm. The people in Nazi Germany who, while they may not have been affiliated with the Nazis, and may not have hurt anyone directly, did not actively try to stop the harm, were merely bystanders.

I do not want to be a bystander any longer...

Thanks again for everything you do! Your booklets are wonderful and all your hard efforts have undoubtedly created many vegans and vegetarians on their way to becoming vegan!!