Friday, January 24, 2014

Summer in Australia

Thomas Black, Beth Menser, Louis Hill, Mike Bravo, Kate Richmond

The wonderful Chelsea Collins sends Louis' report from Down Under:

"It was a warm day as we relaxed in the sun with big plates of Hare Krishna lunch - the signature dish here at Newcastle University - the five of us fingering pensively through the booklets, struggling to keep in our emotions. Why, humanity?

"Upon the depletion of our voluptuous dessert, we arose and enthusiastically sought out some open minds to educate and inspire - and open minds we found. We dispersed into three groups and found people willing to accept reading material all over campus. We also found new vegans and vegetarians who seemed happy we were spreading the compassionate answers.

"A couple of us look very similar - e.g., Mike and myself - and upon regrouping Mike told me of a girl who had smiled at him and laughed when he handed her a leaflet, telling him that she had received one already from a guy that looked exactly the same as him, just without the dreadlocks.

"A joyous atmosphere was abundant, and we must now simply leave life to take it’s course over the summer for those four hundred individuals that received insights into the lives animals live."