Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blast from the Past, Forward to the Future!

Accompanying an order for booklets and The Animal Activist's Handbook:

“Thanks so much for everything. I was reminiscing about Vegan Outreach a bit this morning. I went vegan in '96 and ordered my first booklets from you not long after that, and continually while I was at Penn State. You were based in Pittsburgh then, and VO felt like a local group. At first, I didn't appreciated how unique your position is. But I do now!

“Your writing and approach has really, really influenced how I promote veganism. Often people tell me they are grateful for how I speak about veganism, and I have you to thank for this.

“It really is a ripple effect, and the progress over the last 10 years is proof of that. Again, thank you for all you do.”