Friday, February 21, 2014

Dislikes animals, hates factory farms more.

"Brendan thanked us for our work, said he was very moved by booklet,
getting veg lunch and very interested in veg eating and not harming innocent animals."
-Vic Sjodin

"Last week I ran into a lady who dislikes animals, but hates factory farms even more. I was handing out VO booklets at Devry College in Queens NY. Upon finishing up there I ran into a lovely lady named Dawn by Bramson Ort College. I offered her an "Even if you like meat.." booklet, and she quickly delved into it, while asking questions as she grimaced at the pictures inside. She asked for more booklets to pass on. She kept thanking me, saying the booklet helped deepen her resolve, and that she'd keep fighting the tortures of factory farming and now with the help of VO booklets.

"She admitted to having a dislike for animals, but Dawn was against the tortures of factory farms about as strongly as anyone I've ever met. I can only hope I'd be brave enough to make sacrifices for those I dislike no matter what, fight for what's right regardless of personal prejudices. The animals need everyone voice they can get; I doubt very much if they care if the people helping them from suffering like them or not.

"Please don't give up on future advocates because they don't think as you do, results are all that matter."