Monday, February 17, 2014

Hot February Action

We had an hour to spare in Phoenix on Feb. 13, so we used it to leaflet the mob scene that is Arizona State. Even though the take rate was low, the sheer volume of students meant we reached nearly 450 students in 52 minutes!

I talked with cyclist now interested in going veg (above); Matt met a student with a "Free Hugs" sign who now wants to leaflet for VO (below); gave both Guides.

As it happened, there was an interfaith council event going on in the plaza by the union. After taking a few quick photos of Matt, I took advantage of this opportunity and spent time in conversation with the group leaders at the dozen or so tables, using Compassionate Choices to good effect. After all, faith-based groups are about compassion, too, and everyone I spoke with was interested in the booklets.

A fun, productive hour!

-Anne Green
Director of Development and Programs