Monday, February 3, 2014

Vic's Best Day Ever, Thanks to You

Ingrid (above) and Christina (below) talking one-on-one.

Today was probably one of the Greatest Of All Time days of outreach in my experience. The lovely Clarke sisters -- Ingrid and Christina (whom I met at a conference) -- and I reached more than 2,450 students at Cerritos College, and distributed a record 105 Guides!

Now going veg!
It was great to have 3 of us. We spoke to more people one on one then I ever have before. 15 min here, 5 here, 10 here, 7 here. It just kept going. One student bam off the bat had a convo w Christina and now wants to go veg.

Also going veg!

Then boom couple read booklets pledge to veg together (below).

A nutrition major had an assortment of questions, "I really want to do this veg thing" and he messages me with a question at night. Great talking with him. We discussed animal suffering, nutrition, and mock meats extensively. Lost Cristina with a man for 20 minutes (below): "I think you just changed my life forever."

Met Mindy (above), lacto ovo for 8 years, read booklet in class, ditching dairy and eggs! Was talking to a smoking student for a while, then another bystander Milton (below) comes up to me, he's really into fitness, we have an epic convo and he is all about going veg, unreal.

Spoke to Rob, Christian man for long time, open to veg food. When I sat down, lady on bench says hello and we talked veg for solid 10+ min. Ingrid and Christina spoke one on one with around 25 people, many had questions, unbelievable. Also met one student who said but "I love beef and chicken," we spoke for a while, she gave me a hug and enthusiastically told me she would try mock chicken and beef -- was so moving because she did a 180 so fast. Another student asked for a few more to show others and wanted to volunteer in future. Two staff members thanked us for our efforts with feeling.

Ingrid talks with Ethics professor. Then I speak to him he invites me to speak to class of 40. Absolutely nailed it, they are glued, lots of questions, Ingrid videotaped, goes on 4 times longer than the planned 5 min. Prof was pleased tells me in front of class, "You are not just saving animals but people" and thanked me. Didn't have enough Guides for everyone, and said so if interested let me know don't have enough for everyone 3/4th of hands go up, got most people. Just bananas.

Dropped off the weary Clarkes, drove home, laid down for thirty and fought traffic all the way to UCLA, where gave a talk on activism, justice, getting involved, and vegan outreach that was very well received. Best day ever.

Your donation is having an impact I can GUARANTEE you that, thanks for making the many life changing and life saving interactions we had today and everyday possible. Thank you!