Thursday, February 6, 2014

We Interrupt Vic Week for This Message

Accompanying an order for booklets:

At college last year, my daughter was handed one of your booklets, and became a vegetarian overnight. I got The Animal Activist Handbook form the library, and it referenced Vegan Outreach. Outstanding book, just what I needed to get started. Now I'll be leafletting at my daughter's school.

And Christopher Guinn reports:

I had such an amazing day at Wright State! I found a great spot in one of the busy indoor building-to-building tunnels and posted up there all day without issue, reaching over 900 WSU students! 

The highlight was meeting Sam (above), a WSU student who told me that he's been vegan for over a year now! He thanked me for spending time leafleting at his school, telling me that our message of compassion was very important. I could tell my presence on his campus had made his day, and his expression of gratitude had certainly made mine. It was one of the best interactions with a student, so awesome!