Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Choice and the Health Argument

DD asks:
“I was a bit surprised when I saw that Your Choice uses the health argument. Have you changed your mind about this kind of argument?”

Thanks for writing.

There are two problems with “the health argument” as sometimes used by animal advocates.

The first is the possibility of people altering their diet by cutting down on red meat (given that society has the general message of being anti-red-meat, in terms of health), and replacing that with chickens and fishes. That is why the new booklet continually says “chicken, fish, and other meat,” and focuses so much on chickens.

The second is overpromising – making meat, eggs, and dairy, out to be “deadly poison,” and saying being vegan will have magical properties. The information in YC is basically the ADA position information we have in all our booklets (e.g., p. 13 of Compassionate Choices), with the emphasis on can – can have more energy, etc. It is followed up with “DOING IT RIGHT,” as opposed to just saying meat is poison and you'll be great just by going veg.

And it also ties in “minimize your support of animal suffering” right in the “A BETTER YOU” portion.

Thanks again!

For the animals,
-Matt Ball
Executive Director