Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Stories

Leslie Patterson: "Despite snow, wind and icy slush that sent a couple students sprawling, Brian Pietrzycki, Elizabeth, Diana and I handed out 1100 Vegan Outreach leaflets at Columbia College Chicago yesterday in a little over 5 hours. Take that Chiberia!"

Victor Sjodin: "Lots of love to Elizabeth Freeman. Went vegan after we met and she got a booklet from me in Dayton, Ohio. We stayed in touch and today while on spring break she joined us to leaflet others! What a beautiful person! We also reached 4,379 Santa Barbara students today."

And from Yuri Mitzkewich: "Leafleting Miami-Dade College students today, someone calls out the 5-0 on me for a complaint of 'harassment.' Officer responding finds the Vegan Outreach literature so compelling he not only takes a Compassionate Choices leaflet and Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating - but 10 more extra CCs to give to fellow officers at the precinct! Lol! So thank you anonymous do-gooder - the whole MDPD sub-station got vegucated today thanks to your helpful assistance!"