Friday, May 30, 2014

Dawn Ratcliffe: Spring 2014

VO Arizona Outreach Coordinator, Dawn Ratcliffe, has visited 55 campuses this semester, directly handing Vegan Outreach booklets to over 29,000 students!

Since the fall of 2004, Dawn has reached more than 238,000 people with our booklets!

Dawn Ratcliffe at FIU
Linda Bower snapped this pic of Dawn providing an FIU student with Compassionate Choices.

Dawn was joined by Linda Bower and Yuri Mitzkewich at Florida International University on 1/10/14, and together they handed out more than 3,700 booklets:

“Second-best all-time number at this school, which is a favorite of Linda’s, Yuri’s, and mine; and a new personal best for Yuri (1,557 booklets handed out). Yuri rocked it at the library, while I stayed mainly at the bridge; and Linda, who is another powerhouse leafleter, tabler, PPVer, food sampling queen, etc., stood on the other side of the Graham Center. Lots of solid conversations and delightful weather with temps starting out at 72 in the morning and reaching the low 80s.

Ashley and Crystal at FIU
Linda reports: “Ashley and Crystal were blown away by the info. They said they had seen Food, Inc. but had no idea that it was as bad as in the leaflet. They pledged to continue to move towards 100% vegan.”

“The highlight of the day was hearing from a man and woman in their 40s who were so moved by the Compassionate Choices (and subsequent Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating) that they are going to share the information with their kids and make some significant changes.

Gabriela at FIU
Gabriela received a VO booklet a year ago and went vegetarian! She told Linda that her boyfriend is almost veg since she showed him the booklet, and that she now wants to go vegan and get active for animals!
Alina and friend at FIU
Linda also met Alina and her boyfriend: “She was really excited to get the leaflet because she’s been vegan 19 years, since birth! She says her mom raised her and her brother vegan. She asked for local info.”

“Also talked to a woman who was so moved by the CC that she wants to make a donation to VO. Super terrific day! A big shout-out to Linda for her continued activism and compassion for animals over the years, and to Yuri for being such an enthusiastic leafleter and all-around caring person.”

To raise funds for VO’s Adopt a College leafleting program, Dawn plans to hike the highest mountain in Arizona, Humphreys Peak, sometime in June! You can click here for more details.