Monday, May 26, 2014

Rachel Shippee: Spring 2014

VO Outreach Coordinator Rachel Shippee has been to 93 schools this semester, handing out more than 59,000 booklets!

Rachel was the most prolific leafleter last fall, and since the spring of 2009 she has placed booklets into the hands of over 145,000 people!

Rachel Shippee
Rachel at Oklahoma State, where she and Hayley Chaffin handed out 2,500 Compassionate Choices on 2/13/14.

On 1/27/14, Rachel teamed with Suzeii Sierra and Dani Leal to reach 3,400 students at the University of Texas–Pan American:

“Pan Am made for an epic day of leafleting! The take rate was amazing and the students are great. We had many great interactions, and Suzeii talked to countless people interested in joining her animals rights club on campus. It was wonderful to have Suzeii and Dani join me, they are doing great things on campus and for the animals.”

Suzeii Sierra and UTPA students
Suzeii (right) with two UTPA students interested in going veg and joining the campus AR club!

Rachel reached 700 students at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls on 3/11/14:

“My day in River Falls was positive and ended on an inspiring note. I had three girls stop by to see what I was doing, and one exclaimed that she was vegan. She was excited to see that someone was out there doing this work. She is interested in doing more for the animals and getting involved with leafleting. Her friend was vegetarian and the other was neither; we talked for a while and they all received Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets, and I got a great pic!”

UWRF students
UWRF students: a vegan who now wants to become a leafleter, a vegetarian, and a woman who now wants to go veg!

You can show Rachel some love and help spread veganism by visiting her Team Vegan page here.