Friday, May 23, 2014

Steve Erlsten: Spring 2014

Steve Erlsten is Vegan Outreach’s Northern California Outreach Coordinator and this semester’s most prolific Adopt a College leafleter: In the past five months, he’s been to over 90 different campuses, directly handing booklets to more than 81,000 students!

Steve Erlsten at FCC

Since the fall of 2008, Steve has gotten booklets into the hands of more than 263,000 individuals!

Hailey at SJCC

Diane Gandee Sorbi joined Steve at San Jose City College on 2/25/14, and together they handed out 1,175 booklets. Steve reports:

“Today I met Hailey [right], who was essentially vegan for three weeks while her mom was out of town, and her body loved it! She is looking forward to getting her mom to cook some vegan meats!

“I also talked to one student who wondered how much of a difference she really makes by being vegetarian, because she still buys meat for her family. I gave her a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating to help her kick the dairy habit and a copy of A Meaningful Life to expand on our discussion about how we can multiply our impact by influencing others.”

Augustine at Merced

On 3/4/14, Steve handed out 2,550 booklets at UC Merced and Merced College: “The conversation of the day was with Augustine [left], who is ready to go vegan after reading the Your Choice booklet!”

If you’d like to show your appreciation for Steve’s amazing work and support VO’s Adopt a College program, please check out his Team Vegan page here.