Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vic Sjodin: Spring 2014

VO Senior Outreach & Strategy Coordinator, Vic Sjodin, has leafleted 77 campuses this semester, reaching more than 52,000 students!

Vic Sjodin at USC
Vic Sjodin at USC, where he, Rachel Curit, and Steven Litrov reached 3,000 students on 2/20/14.

Vic is known amongst many of his peers as one of the most effective leafleters ever, and plays a big role in advising Adopt a College activists on how to reach the most people per hour spent leafleting.

Traveling throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico since the spring of 2008, Vic has placed Vegan Outreach booklets into the hands of an astounding 720,000+ individuals!

Joseph and Brandon at NMSU
Joseph and Brandon took booklets to share.
Lindy at NMSU
Lindy wants to go vegan after reading Your Choice.

On 4/9/14, Vic was joined by Josh Libre and Andy MacKenzie, and together they set a new one-day record at New Mexico State, handing out more than 2,000 VO booklets:

“Great day. Right after the first class change, two students approached me within 10 seconds of each other. Joseph is a recent vegan; he took 50 booklets to show to his nutrition class. Brandon wants to help leaflet in the future, so we put him in touch with Tamara Hubbard; also put him in touch with some of the many other vegan students we met, to help start a vegan club on campus. We also met Lindy, who wants to go vegan after reading our booklet.”

Mark at TTU
New vegan Mark got a Guide and advice from Vic.
Nyla at TTU
TTU student Nyla now wants to go vegan.

On 4/7/14, Vic, Josh, and Andy also set a record at Texas Tech University, reaching 2,379 students with Your Choice booklets:

“Monster day! Josh was unleashed on America’s campuses for the second time. We met Mark, who went vegan a week ago; and Nyla, who wants to go vegan after reading our booklets.

“So encouraging to see so many reading and discussing in this conservative area. Fantastic day, and to hear from so many more veg folk, we are changing the world!”

If you’d like to support VO’s world-changing outreach, please visit Vic’s Team Vegan page here.