Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chelsea Collins: Spring 2014

Chelsea Collins at Monash Caulfield campus
Chelsea Collins.
VO Australia Outreach Coordinator, Chelsea Collins, has traveled to 34 different campuses this semester, reaching more than 26,000 students with Vegan Outreach booklets!

On 3/21/14, Chelsea had help from Melissa Kilkelly, and together they reached 1,150 students at Monash University in Caulfield, Victoria:

“Something cool happened: two first-year students came up to me to ask if they could take my photo for their photojournalism class! I obliged and showed them which angle to get for the perfect ‘leafleting pass’ photo, and they were very appreciative. I offered to help them get an article into their student newspaper, which excited them and we exchanged details. I let them know that I was happy to help them out with material for AR pieces any time during their uni days, or later in their careers. They loved it, and I hope they do write a piece!

“At lunchtime, I was joined by the lovely Melissa, a first-time leafleter. She wrote: ‘I actually had a sore jaw from smiling so much after handing booklets out for 2 hours! I had a great first experience leafleting. I’m very much looking forward to helping out again!!!’”

Photojournalism students Ellyse and Georgia
Photojournalism students Ellyse and Georgia.
First-time leafleter Melissa Kilkelly
First-time leafleter Melissa Kilkelly.
Chelsea handed out 900 Australian Your Choice booklets at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales on 3/28/14:

“Though the weather wasn’t great, I had a really wonderful day with some great interactions. It was a big success and I can’t wait to come back here next time.

“My absolute highlight of the day was meeting Salim, who came back after taking a booklet and offered to help me leaflet – he even talked his non-veg friend Alexandra into helping him! They took a pack of 50 and went to hand them out at the law building. He came back later on and took another pack of 50 to hand out after his next class. Salim also told me about a caf√© on campus that serves vegetarian and vegan options. I’m looking forward to catching up with Salim next time I am in ‘the gong.’ I took his picture with the booklet, and with his big smile and enthusiasm, I know he will be a great friend to the animals in the future by inspiring many people to go veg!

“I celebrated my fruitful day by hitting probably the best vegan Asian restaurant in Australia – Au Lac Royal Vegetarian Cuisine – for a late lunch. I had the pho soup with soy chicken and tofu. It was incredible and filling!”

Salim Leon at UOW
Salim Leon, a UOW student who went vegan in February, got a booklet from Chelsea and then came back to help leaflet!
Wig at Monash Clayton campus
Wig got one of the 1,670 booklets Chelsea handed out at Monash University in Clayton on 3/20/14; she’s vegan and was excited to see VO on campus!
You can help Chelsea raise funds for VO’s Adopt a College program by visiting her Team Vegan page here. If you make a donation, she promises to buy you a coffee next time you see each other!