Sunday, June 22, 2014

Good Luck, Joe!

Joe Espinosa, the most prolific volunteer leafleter of spring 2014, has traveled to 19 different campuses this semester, reaching more than 25,000 students!

For over 15 years, Joe has consistently devoted his days off from working as a full-time social worker to reaching more people with Vegan Outreach booklets. Since the fall 2003 launch of VO’s Adopt a College program, Joe has placed booklets into the hands of over 488,000 individuals!

Joe Espinosa at DePaul University
Joe Espinosa braves a 12°F January morning in Chicago to reach students at DePaul University.
“As far as I know, I am the leafleter with the longest history amongst those who leaflet regularly. I began leafleting regularly in January of 1998, after having learned the art and science from Jack Norris. Over 15 years later, I still do it each and every week with the same vigor and enthusiasm as when I was 26 years old. Over that time, I have developed a stamina for the work, 8–10 hour leafleting outings are not uncommon. To raise funds for Vegan Outreach’s Team Vegan, I am going to leaflet in Chicago on Tuesday, 6/24/14 – my last outing as a 42-year-old – for 14 hours, 1 hour longer than I ever have gone before.

Please support us in this urgent and important work for animals. Thanks!”