Friday, June 20, 2014

John Jungenberg: Spring 2014

John Jungenberg, an 18-year-old activist and one of the Adopt a College program’s most dedicated volunteers, has traveled to 77 different campuses this semester, directly handing Vegan Outreach booklets to over 18,000 students!

Since the fall of 2012, John has reached more than 43,000 individuals!

John Jungenberg at ACHS
John: “I handed out 73 leaflets in a little less than 10 minutes this afternoon at Jon Camp’s high school alma mater! The students here are really awesome! Everyone was very nice and seemed enthusiastic to help animals.”
On 2/24/14, John teamed with Rachel Shippee and Patti Rogers-Engelby to reach 2,150 students at the University of Iowa, and also reached another 100 students at Iowa City West High School:

“Very receptive school! Highlight was meeting this one really cool vegan student who follows Vegan Outreach on Facebook and knows of the awesome [AAC activist] Andrew Kirschner! Fantastic day!”

On 4/29/14, Paul Picklesimer and John set a new one-day record at the College of Lake County, handing out 1,209 booklets:

“Amazing day at CLC today! Paul and I got there early and it definitely paid off! It was awesome to have him there to help. We made a great team: while one of us got into a conversation with someone about going veg, the other one leafleted to the passersby! The interactions today were fantastic – we talked with SO many people interested in going veg.”

Paul Picklesimer at CLC
Paul Picklesimer at CLC.
Vegan student at Iowa City West High School
Vegan student at Iowa City West High School.
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