Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Matt Corriveau: Spring 2014

Matt Corriveau
Matt Corriveau.
Vegan Outreach intern Matt Corriveau has hit 67 different schools this semester, handing booklets to more than 19,000 students!

On 2/20/14, Matt and VO Outreach Coordinator Chris Guinn handed out over 1,600 Your Choice booklets at Kent State University. Chris reports:

“Who remembers the monsoon scene from Jumanji? That was our leafleting weather today at Kent State; but nevertheless, we still had a pretty big day! Matt had about a half-dozen conversations with students curious about going veg and got out a few Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets. I had a girl ask me if our ‘Text for a Guide’ was legit, and if she’d have to pay; it was cute, I was like, ‘Nah, of course not!’ and gave her one of the Guides in my hand. I’ve heard through the grapevine that we got several text-for-Guide requests in from Kent already this afternoon – pumped about that!

“Our outreach for the day didn’t stop at Kent either. I had a guy in the locker room at the gym ask me about my Vega protein, which was cool; I left him a Guide and a Your Choice, which I keep in my gym bag now. Matt also spoke with several people in the sauna about veg eating. Can’t stop our outreach! BOOM!”

Santiago at RIT
Matt, Chris, and first-time leafleter Karen Blanco – who helped out before and in between her final exams! – reached 1,510 students at the Rochester Institute of Technology on 5/12/14. Santiago (above) let them know he got a booklet from Chris on campus last semester and has been vegetarian ever since!
Tony at Kent State
Chris also reports: “I met a vegan named Tony, who was super psyched to see me leafleting. I asked if he was part of a veg club and he told me that, to his knowledge, there wasn’t one at Kent State. I told him to email me for some handy resources on starting one and getting active on campus – he was interested!”
You can inspire more students like Santiago to go veg and more vegans like Tony to get active for animals by supporting VO’s Adopt a College program: Click here to donate to Team Vegan!