Monday, June 16, 2014

Vegetarian Butcher and Vegan Grilled Cheese

YamChops Vegetarian Butcher Opens In Toronto

Yep, you read that correctly. What exactly then, is a butcher shop without a Butcher?

YamChops creates plant-based versions of traditional butcher shop offerings, as explained in Meet the meat-free options at Toronto's first vegetarian butcher shop.

"David Alexander, executive director of the Toronto Vegetarian Association explains, 'Vegetarian butcher shops are a novel concept that aligns with two rising food trends — the spread of boutique food shops and great tasting meatless alternatives. By tying the two together, YamChops should be able to reach beyond vegetarians and vegans to flexitarians and anyone else who enjoys meatless meals.'"

(Thanks, Paul!)

Vegan Grilled Cheese Recipe from

Can't make it to Toronto to sample vegan versions of your favorite food? Luckily you only need to trek as far as your kitchen to make this easy and delicious Vegan Grilled Cheese recipe, compliments of