Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yuri Mitzkewich: Spring 2014

Yuri Mitzkewich, one of Vegan Outreach’s most dedicated Adopt a College volunteers, has traveled to 18 different schools this semester, handing out over 15,000 booklets!

 Since the fall of 2010, Yuri has placed VO booklets into the hands of more than 55,000 people!

Yuri Mitzkewich at MDC Wolfson
Yuri hands out VO booklets at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, where Crystal Silva and Janay Laing joined him for their first time leafleting on 3/12/14, and the three reached 1,200 students – a new one-day record for the campus!
On 4/8/14, Yuri, Janay Laing, and Linda Bower set a new one-day record for Broward College, reaching more than 1,550 students! Yuri reports:

“Wonderful team outreach today down in South Florida! Met several vegetarians and vegans there; also got several shout-outs from students and staff giving us props for coming out. [Below] is a photo of Taylor, who told Janay she went vegan after getting a Compassionate Choices booklet last semester at BC. She says she then wrote a paper on veganism for her class and earned an A+ from her teacher, and even inspired her girlfriend to go vegan! Linda talked with her awhile too, and also said how thankful and excited she was seeing us back on campus.

Taylor at BC
Taylor received a Compassionate Choices booklet
on campus last semester and went vegan as a result!
“I also met a student named Pamela, who came walking back to talk after taking her Your Choice. She asked if the booklet’s purpose was to promote animal welfare improvements or if we were for ending the use of animals for food for good. I told her I was for the second; but also said how, for many, this is a transition and it’s perfectly acceptable to work towards it step by step. She left saying how she agreed with what I’d said, and was going to begin right away by not eating chicken or eggs anymore. A very positive interaction I’m very sure will lead to more changes for her in the future.

“Yet another highlight was talking to Trina, who was attending school here though originally hailing from St. Thomas. She virtually exploded with excitement, asking me to explain exactly what our message was while going through her leaflet. She said she’d been interested in going vegan in the past, though had trouble because of discouragement by friends and family. She got the Your Choice and some other resources, and in the end left saying she was done eating animals!”

Through June 30, your donations to Vegan Outreach will create twice as many new vegetarians and spare twice as many farmed animals:

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