Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Kassy Became a Vegan Outreach Activist

Kate, Kassy, Sarah, and Lesley at Towson University
OneGreenPlanet has posted an inspiring article by Kassy Ortega, Vegan Outreach's Delmarva Outreach Coordinator, Why I Became a Vegan Outreach Activist.


"I am grateful that I can regularly speak one-on-one with the individuals about the plight of farmed animals. I frequently see the direct results of our work as well. Whether it’s running into a vegetarian who cites our literature as their foray into veg eating, overhearing “I’m never eating meat again!” several times each day, or seeing text message requests for our “Guide To Cruelty Free Eating” pour in, I’m constantly reminded that I’m making a difference, and the results keep me motivated to expand my impact for animals even more."